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The Fluff Buddy™

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The brush you use on your pet matters. They aren't all made equally. Did you know that some brushes could even be causing your pet pain, without you even knowing it!? And with pain, comes anxiety around brushing. Not to mention, most brushes just leave hair all over the place - on your floors, on your clothes, even floating around in the air!

With The Fluff Buddy, just one click of a button can clean all the hair off the brush in seconds - no more mess! And because it has soft bristles, it's gentle on your pet's skin, eliminating the anxiety around brushing and allowing for more bonding time. Cleaning your pet's hair has never been easier!

the fluff buddy testimonial from kay

It's also great for those with allergies! Now you can enjoy your pet without worrying about sneezing fits from hair floating around everywhere!

Your pet is going to LOVE this brush and beg for more! Get the brush that will make your pet AND your home happy!

cat enjoying the fluff buddy pet brush



  • Clean in seconds! The self-cleaning button helps gather fur, and dispose it from the brush after use.
  • Keeps your pets happy and healthy. Gently removes loose undercoat, mats, tangled hair, dander and trapped dirt.
  • Keeps the fur off your clothes and out of your home. Collects it and makes it easy to dispose of.
  • Eliminates anxiety and allows for more bonding time. Spend quality time with your pet instead of fussing over grooming and cleaning. 
  • Safe (and comfortable) for your pet. Gently removes stubborn fur without scratching your pets skin.
  • Simple to use and saves you a ton of time.


more testimonials for the fluff buddy pet brush


How to Use The Fluff Buddy Pet Brush

  1. To start, simply brush your pet as you normally would.

  2. The bristles will collect the pet hair as you go.

  3. When you've collected a significant amount of hair on the bristles, click the button on the handle to push the hair off.

  4. Throw out the hair and repeat as needed! Easy peasy!




kitty enjoying the fluff buddy pet brush


The Fluff Buddy is not sold in stores or anywhere else. Order yours exclusively from us.

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 14 days and we will refund the purchase price. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Fluff Buddy safe?

Absolutely! The Fluff Buddy contains specially designed, soft bristles that are safe and feel good on your pets skin!

How does the self-cleaning mechanism work?

Simply click the easy eject button, and all the hair will be moved to the surface for easy and efficient disposal.

Which pets can I use it on?

The Fluff Buddy was designed for both cats and dogs and even works on rabbits!

What if my cat hates being brushed?

Some cats don't like brushing.

We kept this in mind when we designed The Fluff Buddy. The bristles are coated with rubber tips that are extra gentle on your pets skin.

In fact, it kind of feels like a massage to them! Many of our customers said the same thing before purchasing, but now their kitties LOVE being brushed and practically come running.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We process all orders within 1-2 days from our warehouse in Raleigh, NC and delivery via USPS is within 2-5 business days 😸

Are the bristles sharp?

Absolutely not! We would never want any harm done to your furry friend, so we designed The Fluff Buddy with rubber tips on the end of the bristles for a comfortable grooming session!

What if I'm not satisfied?

We know you'll love The Fluff Buddy, but in the rare occasion you are not satisfied, contact us within 14 days and we will refund the purchase price. No questions asked.